Race Results & History

Race Results

Ian is a proud husband & father of three daughters on top of that he is a successful Ultracyclist:

  • 1st in 1,400km Hard Cro & course record holder (59hours) 2018, 2017 & 2016
  • 1st in the 2,200km Giro Ciclistico Delle Repubbliche Marinare, a race around Italy, June 2016 (134 hours)
  • 1st in the 2,200km Sverigetempot & course record holder, July 2016 (104 hours)
  • 2nd in the 800km Race Across Italy, May 2017 (29 hours)
  • Completed the 4,000km Transcontinental Race, July 2017 (11d)

Race History

Hard Cro 2018, 2017 & 2016
Winner & new course record in 67hrs, with less than 2 hours sleep and plenty of hallucinations!  Unsupported, around the four corners of mountainous & beautiful Croatia, from the southernmost point of Croatia, Prevlaka, to the westernmost, to the northernmost, finally to the easternmost, Ilok.

Tour of the Maritime Republics, June 2016 “Giro Ciclistico delle Repubbliche Marinare”
Ian’s first ultra race, 1,400mi unsupported around Italy, Venice to Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Amalfi, back to Venice, crossing the Apennines twice. Winner in 134hrs after 3 days of torrential rain, trench foot and palsy of the hands.

“Sverigetempot”, the Length of Sweden, July 2016
1,400mi from Riksgransen, the northernmost point of Sweden, in the Arctic circle with the midnight sun, to Sweden’s southernmost point, Smygehuk, on the Baltic coast, through prisons of pine trees. 1st & new course record in 104hrs, and third consecutive win in 8 weeks of racing.

Race Across Italy, May 2017
500mi & 33,000ft climbing from Pescara, (on the Adriatic coast) to Terracina (on the Mediterranean coast) and back to Pescara, twice over the Apennines, the most mountainous race, more than an “Everest”.

Transcontinental Race #5, July 2017
Geraardsbergen (Belgium) to Meteora (Greece), 2,500mi unsupported, across 14 countries, in 11 days. Leading in the top 3, until an enforced route change (for safety reasons to avoid a dangerous road in Romania) added 100mi & 7,000ft of climbing. The extremely poor road surface, scorchingly hot hills, scant resupply, and local wild life made the detour much more demanding than simple statistics, finishing 11th.